Removable Take Off Board for long, triple jump run up

Long Jump Run Ups and triple jump runways can also be installed with a removable take off board and it is manufactured with the same dimensions and sizes as the fixed take off board –  1.22m x 20cm x 10cm. The removable take off boards are designed that one of the boards has the polymeric surface ontop of the stainless steel plate and on the other it has the wooden take off board.

These removable systems are made by installing a framed galvanised steel box into the ground and then installing the White, primed timber board into that frame. Finally, a lid can be fitted to the outer frame, with the EPDM Polymeric or Tartan surfacing on top, covering the take off board.

These take off boards comply with IAAF regulations but we can install these systems to suit any project with different dimensions, cost issues, designs and budget requirements.

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