Remove Contaminated Sand Infill With Rejuvenation Maintenance

Contaminated sand infill is found on synthetic all weather astro – turf pitches which either have sand dressed or a sand filled carpet pile. These surfaces are found in many sports facilities like MUGAs, STP / ATP and allow for multi sports to be played on the surface like football, tennis and hockey.

The sand infill gets contaminated because algal squidge, sporn, mud and dirt have got into the sand and caused the system to fail. These contaminates are found when the sports pitch gets moist and damp and in not properly cleaned and over time, they can cause the surface to flood, have poor porosity and lose its drainage capacity, along with being a slip hazard.

The astroturf sports pitch will then need to be rejuvenated, renovated and upgraded by removing and excavating the contaminated sand and replacing it with clean, washed silica sand. The all weather pitch regeneration will be done by either an air method or jet wash method. After these have been completed properly, the MUGA kickabout court should be back performing as designed and specified.

Rejuvenation, Restoration Astroturf ATP, STP, MUGA surface
Rejuvenation, Restoration Astroturf ATP, STP, MUGA surfacing

There is a specification that contractors normally follow when refilling the sand on the surfacing. Sand dressed have depths of 20 – 24mm and sand filled has depths of 15 – 19mm and over filling / under filling may cause the system to fail.

The renovation and revitalisation of the STP / ATP can be done by many contractors or sports companies and we are one of the best. We can also carry out proactive maintenance such as cleaning and drag brushing to remove dirt from the infill and keep the sand particles well distributed through the synthetic pile.

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