Residential Tennis Court Line Marking

Line marking or surfacing renovation is an essential part of MUGA and residential tennis courts maintenance. Multi use game areas or ball courts often have many different sports played on the one surface and this means that the game line markings often need replacing or touching up. Residential tennis court surfacing is usually a single court area and within the maintenance package this would include cleaning, repainting and relining of the sports lines.


One of our experts would be happy to give you a quote for carrying out this work at your home or at another sports facility. Just fill in the contact form on this page and let us know your location and an area size for the court so we can give you an accurate price quotation.

Residential Tennis Surface Painting

We offer residential tennis court markings services to ensure that your sports facility creates a good quality and accurate playing surface for training and competitive events. For hard court specifications like EPDM polymeric rubber and macadam surfaces, we can apply a non slip acrylic paint coating to the whole area in a range of colour options. You can choose from a single colour or a two tone effect with the main playing area in one colour and the perimeter runoff area in another. Once the coating has been applied to the whole court, we will install clear and precise line markings for tennis, and for other sports if you’d like to turn your facility into a multi use games area. Other sports which can be played on these types of surface are basketball and netball.

Tennis Line Marking Installation Specialists
Tennis Line Marking Installation

Heavy use, weather and vandalism can all contribute to the lines needing an upgrade and we are experienced contractors who can help with that part of the contract. As there are no set dimension or area sizes to MUGAs, they can be installed into most set areas and the specification and design can all change from one project to another however residential tennis court line marking is a set size that will fit within this facility area with fixed dimensions and sizes. These include potential different colour game line markings in different sports surface systems. Porous macadam, polymeric / tartan EPDM and sand filled turf are all types of different MUGA surfaces and they can all be re coated or re game lined if required. Once the initial installation is complete we can also offer cleaning and maintenance services for residential tennis courts to help you take a proactive approach to keeping the surface in top condition so that it’s safe and clean. If the court does become damaged we can carry out surface repairs to fix the issue, but it’s important to have this done as soon as possible to help limit the problems to that localised area.

Expert Sports Court Contractors

We can also help you with new project specifications, designs, construction, costings and quotations for residential tennis court line marking if required. Please visit our website on or use our contact form to send over your details and we will be happy to assist you on the costs of how much it would be to line mark your existing facility. This could be for a residential single tennis court, double tennis facility or large MUGA sports pitch. Our experienced team have completed many domestic and residential projects throughout the UK so we would be happy to offer any advice you need with regards to construction, maintenance and painting of an outdoor tennis court.

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