Resin Bound Decorative Gravel Aggregate Surfaces

Resin Bound Decorative Stone/Gravel is known in the industry as just Resin Bound Decorative Stone or Gravel and is commonly used to modify and improve surfaces such as pathways, walkways and driveways that look dated and tired for example block paving with weeds in between the joints.

Creating a Resin Bound Gravel surface involves binding loose aggregate stones with a strong adhesive glue, when bound together the mixture is laid on top of a pre prepared surface (such as macadam as it is seamless and porous meaning that water drain and weeds can’t grow through) then hand trowelled to give the surface a smooth compact and even finish giving the illusion the surface contains loose stones without actually doing so.

Resin Bound Surfaces also have other advantages for example they are long lasting, require little to no maintenance and slip resistant making them suitable for a number of other commercial and domestic projects e.g. pool surrounds, retirement homes, and driveways.

Here at Soft Surfaces Ltd we have aggregates available in a vast number of colours allowing us to match any design ideas you may have. We are a one stop contractor when it comes to pricing, supplying and installing Resin Bound Gravel Surfaces and if you have any questions or require a quote please contact us on our website contact form. Costs vary from job to job so it is important you provide us with  approximate size and dimensions of the area you plan on surfacing.

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