Resin Bound Natural Gravel Tree Pit Paving

Resin Bound Natural Gravel Tree Pit Paving is installed beneath trees to the surrounding of the trunk because is a decorative finish and ideal because as the surfacing is porous then it still allows the tree to survive and live with all rainwater soaking through very easily.

The resin bound stone treepits can vary in size, dimensions, measurements and area which is absolutely fine because the natural stone and binder is mixed onsite and laid insitu therefore the flooring can be installed to any size and any shape required within the design and specification.

The specification determines the prices, costs and quote supplied to the customer because the colour can vary in price and also the depth can vary dependent on the sub base and traffic it might receive. For treepits then a standard depth is 50mm however recently I have know for architects to specify a 30mm depth and 70mm height system.

The advantages of the resin bound gravel is that there is no loose stone meaning the surface finish is low maintenance and most importantly the surfacing finishes looks aesthetically pleasing to the eye as the decorative stone gives a neat colourful feel.

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