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Soft Surfaces Ltd are a company and contractor who has installed and maintained all weather synthetic Astroturf ATP / STP sports pitches throughout the UK and we are classed as a true turnkey contractor in the sports surfacing division or sector. We have helped to maintain many MUGA / kickabout court surfaces with various different dimensions and size and these include 39m x 21m and 95m x 55m and to various different sports surfaces. One of the most common sports surfaces that needs regular maintenance in the UK is the sand filled sports pitch, sand dressed synthetic all weather astro turf and these are perfect for multi sports on the same surface including hockey, tennis and netball.

Sand Removal and replacement of synthetic turf sand infill with rejuvenation maintenances
Sand Removal and replacement of synthetic turf sand infill with rejuvenation maintenance

However, when these surfaces are not maintained to specification, the sand infill can become contaminated and the surfacing may also require maintenance. The sand becomes contaminated because of sporn, mud, grime and algal sporn developing in areas where moisture and damp are prominent. This sporn may appear like a slimy residue and the only rejuvenation, renovation and upgrade that will work for this problem is to excavate and remove the contaminated sand. An air compressor or jet was may be used to complete this, although Soft Surfaces Ltd recommend the air compressor option.

Once the sand has been removed from site, new washed silica sand can be installed at a depth of 15 – 19mm for sand dressed surfaces and 20 – 24mm for sand filled surfaces, depending on specification and design. The problem with the algal sporn and other contaminates is it can hinder the natural drainage of the surface, results in poor porosity of the carpet, increase flooding on the surface and it will become slippy underfoot. Other maintenance options that are available for these surfaces include joint and seam repairs, patch repairs and game line marking renovations.

Soft Surfaces Ltd will be happy to discuss and help you with your sports surface projects and maintenance. Costing, pricing, quotations and funding can all de discussed. Please call us on 01625 445760 or visit us on

Waterlogged All Weather Pitch needing rejuvenation maintenances
Waterlogged All Weather Pitch needing rejuvenation maintenance

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