Rhino Mulch Rubberised Safe Playground Surface

Rhino Mulch Rubberised safe playground surface is a soft rubber bound, rubber surfacing which is perfect for playground mulch and tree roots. This premium bonded rubber mulch is made from recycled eco bond rubber bark chippings, which is mixed with a PU Polymer and leaves you with a porous high tensile strength, bound – in safety surface. It also has other areas for use too. Planters, grass no grow, surfacing under trees, pathways and trim trail surfacing.

The Rhino Mulch also has different characteristics. It is an impact absorbing surface which can protect children who have small falls. It is an anti rot system due to its unified stranded rubber which can also flex with the elements. It can be produced in Terracotta, Red or a Terracotta / Red Mix and can also be installed in areas to suit almost any design and specification. Rhino Rubber bonded Mulch Rubberised Safe Playground Surface is also known as Monkey Mulch, Recycled bark chippings, rubber shred and rubber bark. The rhino Mulch is also a non slip surface.

Rubberised Bound Bark Surfacing Play Area Rhino Mulch Flooring Specifications
Rubberised Bound Bark Surfacing Play Area Rhino Mulch Flooring Specification

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