Rhino-Turf RT60

Rhino-Turf RT60 is a football synthetic 3G surface designed for full-size pitches. It can be installed with or without a shock pad, however, you will need to check the test results if you need it to meet FA standards, FIFA, RFU, IRB or FIH because certain testing results might require the installation of an in-situ shock pad or rebound shock pad. Featuring two different monofilament yarn fibres this product is attractive, durable, and soft to touch whilst offering excellent playing characteristics.

Rhino Turf Artificial Grass

If you are unsure about anything regarding Rhino Turf, please feel free to get in touch with us as soon as possible for a range of great information and any answers to the questions you have asked. We are always more than happy to help and have a number of experts on hand.

What is Rhino Turf?

Rhino Turf is a great surface that is suitable for a number of different sports. The flooring allows for play to be enjoyed to its maximum potential and successfully provides all of the essential benefits for the sports to be played such as. This means that the surface will be:

  • Smooth – This is important as a rough surface can interfere with play and lead to injuries.
  • Safe – Obviously safety is essential on a sports surface to prevent players from damaging themselves.
  • Durable – Our surfaces are extremely long lasting and very durable.
  • Attractive – The sports flooring looks great in a range of facilities including schools, athletics areas and a number of other sports courts.

As sports surface installers we completely understand that the Rhino Turf you are looking for needs to be perfect. We have years of experience in providing activity flooring throughout the UK and are always more than happy to assist you in providing all of the information you need to fill you in on what we do. Football is a really enjoyable sport but as you will know it can be full of injuries, especially when playing on a surface that isn’t safe. The Rhino Turf we can offer is not slippy and will be installed correctly to prevent players from falling on the floor and injuring themselves.

Rhino Turf offers the best yarns, made into high-quality sports surfaces using the latest advanced technology. In our experience, every player wants to play on the best surface and rhino turf will offer incredible durability and performance over the life of the flooring.

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