Rubber Safety Shrinkage Perimeter Band Repair

We can provide you with a number of different repairs to ensure that your surface looks brand new. We understand the importance of regular maintenance and if repairs are needed on your surface, it is crucial that you seek the correct support to fix any damages as soon as possible. Regardless of whether your sports court is 3G, macadam or other, we can provide a range of great maintenance assistance and repair services for you.

What is Perimeter Band Repair?

Rubber Safety Shrinkage Perimeter Band Repair is needed when the weather gets very hot and cold. From this, the Rubber EPDM granule can expand and shrink from the PCC edges or timber edges. No matter how well the safety surfacing is primed to the edge then if the weather has adverse conditions then it’s inevitable for the EPDM chipping to shrink. The shrinkage usually leaves a gap to the edge of up to 50mm and when this is the case the existing wetpour surface needs to be cut back so that the existing rubber crumb has a sharp edge to resurface up to.

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Best Sports Court Maintenance

Resurfacing the playground or sports court can be done on a supply on of materials or a supply and install project. The supply only means we can deliver a wetpour repair kit for the client to mix and install or as a specialist wetpour installer we can come to the site and carry out the perimeter wetpour repairs. Playground maintenance is something that should be done quite often and can be completed proactively. However, if you do not partake in proactive maintenance, you will eventually require reactive maintenance. This is not great as it will end in higher costs due to a special maintenance team being required to visit your facility and complete repairs to your surface.

Rubber Wetpour Safety Surfacing Perimeter Band Repairs Contractors price

Maintaining a playground is crucial in providing and keeping all of the benefits of the floor. Not only will regular proactive maintenance strategies keep the floor safe, but it will also lengthen the lifespan of the area and keep it looking bright, colourful and amazing. The safety of a rubber safety floor is obviously the most important feature and we can ensure that our surfaces match the safety requirements needed and your expectations of how the end product will look.

Repairing a Safety Surface

If you require repairs, it is crucial that these are completed quickly and effectively. This is because, even if it is just a small repair, it can easily grow into much more severe damages that are not fixable by a repair kit and require a professional repair service from a team. This will consequently result in much higher costs.

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