Rubber Shockpad

In situ rubber shock pads are constructed from 2-6mm SBR (Styrene Butadene Rubber) material and can either be hand laid or installed by machine depending on size and specification. The advantage of an elastic layer rubber shockpad is that levels can be installed to a much better finish tolerance as this can iron out any contours in the sub base however it is expensive to do this and is much safer to make sure the sub base is perfectly carried out. Here is a photo of a shockpad installed beneath a 3G synthetic turf pitch.

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What is Rubber Shockpad?

Rubber Shockpad is laid in-situ on site and is installed onto either a dynamic sub-base or engineered sub base. If installed onto a dynamic MOT stone sub base then the nominal depth is 25mm which is installed in a single layer of SBR rubber crumb material and binder.

Insitu Rubber Shockpad

The Shockpad layer will add a great cushioning to the impact of the surface on players joints and muscles and will make sports much more enjoyable for everyone on the surface. It will also help the players to prevent injuries by cushioning their falls. Many sports players that play on synthetic turf, especially football players, will quite often break bones by falling on a rock hard turf floor and this can sometimes be stopped by the Rubber Shockpad.

Benefits of Shockpad

The Rubber Shockpad we offer is really beneficial to a surface as not only will it prolong the lifespan of the synthetic turf, but it will also improve many playing characteristics including how the ball bounces and prevent injuries to players due to the impact absorption after a fall. For these reasons, shockpad is often very popular amongst our choices and all of our customers have loved the surface they have received.

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