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Rubber Tarmac is now a popular part of any children’s play area in the UK. This well known safety surface is often known as different things such as rubber bitmac, rubber macadam, rubber asphalt or soft tarmac safety surfacing. Wet Pour as it is more commonly known is made from an EPDM recycled rubber chipping which is mixed together with a binder and applied to a prepared sub base. The Poured in Place safety rubber or Wet Pour, is designed for installation around children’s play areas, with or without play equipment.

The play equipment can have different Critical Fall Heights and the Wet Pour has been designed to protect children against the CFH. Soft Tarmac can ensure CFH protection of 3.00m, depending on the Wet Pour depth and sub base. Rubber bitmac or macadam can be installed over MOT Type 1 Stone, Tarmac or Fine Concrete, and each can have minimum Wet Pour application thickness such as 40mm over MOT Type 1 Stone. Wet Pour can be supplied and installed in 12 standard colours and Black and can also be made with a 50 – 50% 2 colour fleck, to suit any design or specification issues.

Soft Surfaces Ltd are a prime contractor of Wet Pour systems. We can help you with your costings, budget requirements and quotations to suit any project and are also nationwide contractors & suppliers. Please visit our website or call 01625 445760 to speak to our staff.

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