Slip Resistance Testing to Tennis Courts

Slip Resistance Testing to Tennis Courts is carried out to BS7976 pendulum tests standards or BS EN 13036-4 Surfacing Testing. They are carried out because it is a duty of diligence to make sure the surfacing to ball courts, MUGAs, multi use games areas and tennis pitches are a safe environment for the players and also monitors the playing performance.

Slippery Tennis Courts

In the UK many tennis courts are very slippery and HSE has carried out surveys to find that one in 3 non fatal major injuries are through slips and trips so it is key to make sure all the flooring for sports pitches is maintained accurately and basic cleaning of the surfaces with jet washing, power cleaning will help massively as this will remove any moss, algal squidge and contamination.

Monitoring risk and slip resistance testing should be carried out regularly but is always worthwhile to have an independent test carried out annually which isn’t expensive and you can have results and consultation options if the slipperiness falls outside the guidelines set out by the ITF. The tennis governing body splits the courts into five categories with the speed of play from ITF1, 2, 3, 4 to ITF 5. This all has different specifications but the slip resistance generally falls between TRRL 55 for recreational use to TRRL 75 if its a tennis MUGA where netball might be played on the surfacing.

Moisture Cure Polyurethane Colour Coating Anti Slip Paint Design
Moisture Cure Polyurethane Colour Coating Anti Slip Paint Spec

If you have the assessment and test carried out then a consultancy report will be given to you with possible options which could include general moss killing, pressure cleaning, rejuvenation, resurfacing or a colour coated anti slip paint applied with new line marking for tennis, netball, basketball, multisports

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