Soft Kerbs Long Jump Run Up Sand Landing Pit Edges

Soft Kerbs Long Jump Run Up Sand Landing Pit Edges are used for the childrens safety because within schools the sand pit usually is built and constructed to fit the schools funding and budget they have and therefore the specification / design is usually altered to fit this cost and price they can afford.

However if budget allows we would always recommend the use of a soft kerb edge or rubber kerbing because this is paramount of safety for the kids running down the long jump runway and jumping into the landing sand pit. The sand pit should always be infilled in a play grade sand also for the safety of the kids.

Long Jump Runways Landing Pit Contractors

The long jump runways construction needs to be considered within the specifications to meet the tests of UK athletics or IAAF standards if the school want this to be used for competition standards but majority of schools could have the long jump run ups built to fit recreational use also.

Small extras always to consider on the prices are the use of removable take off boards which allows the boards of triple jump runways to be included. The triple jump runways are usually positioned approx 5m and 7m away from the triple jump landing sand pit. Also the supply on the long jump runway sandpit covers or the mowing strip around the long jump run up sand pit.

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