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Playground construction is often made up of a special safety surface that is installed in children’s play areas, especially areas which have play equipment installed. The safety surface is designed to protect children against the Critical Fall Height of this equipment. This type of safety surface is often known as Wet Pour, Poured in Place and Soft Tarmac. This type of material is made up of a base layer SBR rubber and a top layer of recycled EPDM rubber.

Playground Rubber Flooring

Wetpour is an excellent surface for playgrounds due to the many benefits they offer to the children. This means that the children are able to engage to a much higher degree. Also, if necessary, we can install graphics on these wetpour surfaces which are usually educational and involve some form of learning whether this includes literacy or numeracy is completely up to you. By offering these surfaces in a range of different colours you are given a wide choice to engage your pupils. We tend to find that the brighter colours engage children more due to the attraction that it has to the children. The children are therefore able to learn at the same time as having fun and socialising with friends. During their breaks, this is crucial because they will receive a great deal of fresh air and when they return to the classroom, their attention spans will have been widened to allow the teachers to do complete their jobs of educating the children to a much higher degree.

Safe Area Surfacing

Both of these rubbers is mixed with a PU Polyurethane binder and toweled into the required area. It can be laid up to a maximum of 150mm and can be laid onto a sub base MOT Type 1 Stone, No Fines Concrete or Porous Tarmac. Wet Pour can have things like graphics installed into the surface, perfect for nursery schools and parks and can also be made with 12 standard colours. Black and 50 / 50% 2 colour mixes. Soft Rubber is also specified and designed to suit almost any area with different sizes / dimensions and to suit different budget and funding requirements.

Repairs of your surface can be easily completed. However, depending on the severity of your damages, either a repair kit can be sent to allow you to complete the repairs yourself, or our specialist team can visit your facility to complete the repairs themselves. If you would like to find out more on repairs or enquire about a repair yourself, please feel free to contact our team via the provided enquiry box.

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Wetpour is an excellent surface for a range of different areas including schools and parks. We can help you with all different aspects of your project including costing, quotations, budget options, funding issues and design issues. Please look at our website and complete the provided contact form to speak to our specialist team.

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