Sport England MUGA Sizes, Specifications, Design

Sports England MUGA Sizes, Specifications, Design are set out to give clients guidelines for their multi-use games areas. The sports England MUGA is installed in schools, leisure centres, sports clubs and colleges throughout the UK. The design and specification are set out to suit the sports required and the size influences the prices and costs.

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What is a MUGA?

MUGA stands for multi-use games area. These are facilities in which a number of different sports can be played on the surface due to the features of the flooring used and the different line markings on the surface. MUGAs are becoming more and more common, especially in facilities such as schools. This is because of space and money saved by having one court rather than a number of smaller different courts.

Multi-use games areas also look great for a range of facilities and can be created to custom requirements. It is completely up to you regarding which colour you decide on and the line markings that you receive to determine which sports can be played on the surface. We can offer these line markings to allow a number of sports including:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Rugby
  • Basketball
  • Many more

Maintaining a MUGA

Maintenance of your multi-use games area depends entirely on a number of factors. However, regular cleaning should be undertaken regardless of your surface to clean debris and dirt off the surface. The reason for this is not only to keep your MUGA looking sharp, clean and attractive, but it will also save you money in the long run as without maintenance, the surface can become damaged and if these damages are large, you will require a maintenance team which can sometimes be costly.

Positive results from United Kingdom local authorities can provide good evidence that placements of anti vandal Multi Use Games Areas can reduce anti social behaviour and increase fitness within early teen age groups in both cities and parish localities. –Wikipedia

MUGA Surfacing Designs

A standard size for a type 1 MUGA, type 2 MUGA is 37m x 18.5m which is a macadam surface finish all-weather surface. It is an all-weather MUGA surface because the macadam is open-textured porous macadam so allows the rainwater to flow through the surface. A type 3 and type 4 MUGA is also the same standard size but is finished in a polymeric surface which is a rubberised material that is also an all-weather surface. A type 5 MUGA which is installed in a synthetic turf and artificial grass is the last specification for the multi-use games areas and this can vary from a needlepunch surface, sand dressed synthetic turf, sand filled artificial grass through to a 3G sports pitch.

Moisture Cure Polyurethane Colour Coating Anti Slip Paint Design

The MUGA set out by Sports England is funded by many grants and budgets can quite easily be given on all the different dimensions and sizes where the quotation will itemise this. The MUGA might have the main priority sport as football, tennis, basketball, netball or multi-sports which can influence the whole construction and building of the ball court.

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