Sports Coatings Polymeric Polyurethane Surface Painting

An In Situ Polymeric Surface is called a Type 4 MUGA and this is used for many sports such as Rugby training, 5 a side football, Athletics, Tennis and Basketball. The Polymeric surface, which is made up of a 15mm EPDM rubber often has an anti slip coating applied to help it to achieve the TRRL 75 Slip Test. The coating, which is a Fully Textured Two Pack Polyurethane paint with a silica with additional aluminium oxide aggregate, is mixed in standard colours like Green, Red, Blue, Yellow and White.

The In situ Polymeric surface, which is constructed to achieve the BS7044-4 standard, often has sports line marking installed as standard. These game lines are normally a width of 50mm but can be changed to suit different specifications. The Polyurethane 2 PK anti slip coating, will be Health & Safety tested to CHAS, API and CONSTRUCTION LINE and will also be tested to BS 4790.These surface and coating specifications will often be named in the Q26, which is an industry standard surface finish specification.

Recolouring of Tennis Courts, Basketball MUGA, Netball MUGAs
Recolouring of Tennis Courts, Basketball MUGAs, Netball MUGA

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