Sports-Cote Court Binder and Acrylic Spray-Cote Markings

We install outdoor sports courts for a wide variety of different activities and sports for people of all ages and abilities, our services include the full construction of these facilities including painting and acrylic spray-cote markings. Two of the most popular surface types for outdoor court facilities are macadam and polymeric rubber, these are commonly installed at schools and public sports clubs for use with a number of activities including tennis, netball and basketball. All of the sports surfaces we install meet the high standards set out by sports governing bodies for example the LTA for tennis, however over time a facility can fall into disrepair and be in need of some reactive maintenance.


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Outdoor Sports Court Problems

There are a number of issues which can have an effect on tarmac and rubber sport surfaces, leading to them need an application of a sports-cote court binder and acrylic spray-cote markings. For example, if correct maintenance is not carried out to the surfacing, dirt and leaves can clog up the pores on the hard court layers, this stops water from draining away properly. Puddles and flooding can then form on the surface of the macadam or rubber and contaminants like moss and algae will start to grow and make the court surfacing slippery and unsafe. Other problems can include cracks and fretting to a tarmac surface, this is the main issue which can be fixed with the help of a sports-cote court binder.

The sports court binder coating can be applied to the macadam surfacing after a thorough clean with a specialist court cleaning solution has been done. The sports-cote court binder is used to seal over the loose stones by providing excellent adhesion where the old macadam has started to fret, this makes the surface smooth and durable again. Once the binder coating has been left to cure, a new layer of acrylic spray-cote markings to create non slip qualities and line marking for a range of sports. The professional binder coat acts as a great base layer for the new paint coating to make it last longer and to make the colours even brighter. Sports-cote court binders also prevent the growth of moss and algae on the court surfaces to keep the facility protected from contamination so it maintains its performance qualities and brightly coloured appearance for as long as possible.

Tennis Court Maintenance to Contaminated Surface
Jet Washing Tennis Court Maintenance

In order to prevent these issues causing your sports surfacing to become unsafe, it’s important to have a good quality maintenance plan in place which includes regularly brushing the court to get rid of debris, as well as jet washing to clear contaminants away. New paint coatings should also be applied every few years to make sure that line markings are accurate and that the slip resistance qualities are as good as possible.

Acrylic Spray-Cote Markings

The specialist acrylic spray-cote markings that we apply to outdoor hard court surfaces are designed with a mixture of aluminium oxide and sand aggregate combined into the paint to provide the non slip properties. Depending on the primary sports which are going to be played on your facility, different levels of this aggregate can be added to the paint to create varying slip resistance. For example, a court which is only being used for netball would need higher slip resistant qualities than a tennis court or an all purpose sports facility. You can choose from a number of coloured designs for the acrylic spray-cote markings including a main court area in one colour with an outer runoff in a different colour as well as contrasting line markings for each sport or activity.

Tennis Court Colour Coating Application
Fresh Tennis Court Colour Coating

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