SSNBR Rubber Crumb Surface

SSNBR is a rubber crumb material that is much stronger than the traditional wetpour surface. The SSNBR is a rubber crumb that is supplied in 1-4mm in black and has the tensile strength of 78% which makes this much stronger than EPDM which is used on golf pathways and rubber play areas.

The SSNBR rubber chippings are mixed on site with a PU binder and installed insitu. It is fully porous and the porosity of the surface is great making it an all weather surface. Its main advantage is that the elongation is 115% and therefore is more resilient from puncturing.

The tradename of the rubber crumb is limited and ideal for polymeric surfaces, MUGAs and pathways on golf clubs or long jump runways and triple jump runways. Many high fans are installed in this material and the whole surface should be installed onto a porous engineered sub base.

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