Synthetic Cricket Wicket Installation in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire

The installation of a synthetic cricket wicket can increase the look and usability of an area as well as reducing the overall maintenance costs.

A synthetic cricket wicket can be used year round in any weather without worrying about damaging natural turf.

Artificial Sports Grass

The video below shows the process of installing a new artificial cricket wicket in Scunthorpe.

Please see video transcript below:

00:02 Hi, you guys. It’s time for Sports and Safety Surfaces again, here. On this video we’re going to be showing you a synthetic grass cricket wicket installation in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire. The first thing we did for this job was actually examine the previous surface.

00:15 As you can see, there’s a lot of moss on this surface, a lot of damage and it really was in need of a resurfacing. What we then did was, we actually removed the existing surface and we see from these photos the old surface was actually removed ready for the new one to be fitted basically, onto that area. You see from this photo here, we actually have one of our installers leveling it off ready for the artificial surface to be fitted onto there.

00:40 Next up, we’ve got some videos here of us actually fitting the artificial turf. This is a great surface to be used all year round and obviously it’s very durable as well, and a lot more reliable than a tarmac surface would be. Finally, here’s the completed project now. As you can see, this looks really, really great. Really has transformed the area. It transforms the surface and makes it way more playable than it used to be.

00:57 Obviously with it being a much more flat surface and obviously the ability, like I said earlier, it’s been used all year round.
In general, this was just a nice little job for us guys, really.

1:05 We actually have experience working throughout the Lincolnshire area and as a result of this, we rank in Google for the following key phrases. Scunthorpe fake grass installers, best artificial flooring company Lincolnshire, small synthetic turf fitters Scunthorpe, 3G pitch providers in Lincolnshire, UK 2G surfacing installation, and even more than that. For any more information about prices or specifications, please find our website in the description of this video. Thanks a lot for watching guys, and I’ll see you guys later.

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Check out this Synthetic Cricket Wicket Installation in Scunthorpe, Licolnshire we did.

Scunthorpe Information

Scunthorpe  is an industrial town in North Lincolnshire, England. It is the administrative centre of the North Lincolnshire unitary authority, and had an estimated total resident population of 82,334 according to the 2016 census.

A predominantly industrial town, Scunthorpe, the United Kingdom’s largest steel processing centre, is also known as the “Industrial Garden Town”. It is the third largest settlement in Lincolnshire, after Lincoln and Grimsby

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