Synthetic Turf Testing Services

Proactive testing on sports surfaces, play areas and recreational surfacing is vital in making sure it is fit for purpose. This type of facility needs to be safe for those using it to ensure no injuries occur.

The majority of sports surfacing lacks a proper maintenance schedule. Because of this, it can make the surface slippery, hard and unsafe which basically leaves the owner or pitch occupier open to lawsuits and claims.

The Benefits of Pitch Testing

So why should you carry out annual testing for your sports pitch?

  1. Annual testing demonstrates a serious and proactive commitment to safety
  2. Fields rarely become unsafe overnight, so testing once a year should provide adequate warning of emerging safety issues
  3. Annual testing generates a meaningful historical record – a record that can be important if warranty or liability issues arise
  4. Testing once a year isn’t a “budget buster”

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For further details on the various sports surfaces tests available and how we can help with finance and funding please visit our website or fill in our contact form. We can discuss costs, prices and quotes on the tests available to ensure your sports facility is safe. Regular tests and maintenance are vital in keeping your sports pitch safe and in top condition.

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