Tarmac Asphalt Sports Surfacing Re – Painting

Re painting of an asphalt sports court or surface is a common procedure in the UK as many sports clubs, schools and local authorities are look to renovate their existing MUGA or kickabout court. Rejuvenation or re painting of the multi use games areas is a cost effective way of breathing new life into a facility and extending the life expectancy of the surface.

A perfect surface for a re paint is the Asphalt sports court, otherwise known as Porous Macadam. This re coating will add extra slip resistance into the surface can add extra dimensions with fresh colours and also renovate and add new game line markings to suit the numerous sports on the surface. Other surfaces that could have this treatment is a Polymeric EPDM rubber surface. This re painting works can take place on any asphalt MUGA in any location, regardless of the system size and dimension.

Re Painting normally takes place with an airless sprayer going across the court with the 1st coat and then the other direction across the court on the 2nd coat as this will ensure a correct and uniform colour system. As Soft Surfaces Ltd have applied this system on numerous sports courts, please call us and we will discuss your project needs with you. http://sportsandsafetysurfaces.co.uk/  or 01625 445760

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