Tarmac Macadam Basketball MUGA Line Marking

MUGAs or multi use games areas are used in the UK for safe, contained active sports play which can play host to numerous different sports as specified and designed. One of the most common MUGA surface is the Asphalt surface otherwise known as porous macadam and this is perfect for sports like basketball, netball and tennis. The macadam sports court type provides ideal ball bounce capabilities for these activities, as well as being a durable and long lasting surface with a range of uses.

Basketball MUGA Line Marking

We can install basketball MUGA line markings and coloured coatings in anti slip acrylic paint for the macadam court surfaces. This is applied as a spray coating after a thorough clean has been done to remove dirt and loose stone from the flooring. A range of colours are available so you can choose a bespoke design for your basketball court with contrasting line markings for different activities like netball and tennis. The specialist acrylic paint which is used provides anti slip properties as it is mixed with a combination of sand and aluminium oxide. This can be done in different specifications to create individual slip resistance qualities which meet the requirements for the chosen sports if the facility will be used for more than just basketball.

Basketball Court Services and Installation
Basketball Court in Red and Blue Paint

Basketball and other sports often require the lines to be replaced or upgraded due to the amount of use they have and also the weather in the UK and this is easily done by a re coating of the surface with an anti slip paint. Sports lines often wear thin, become broken or the client decides to change the colour of the lines, either to renovate or to include the provision of other sports like badminton and football. Multi use games areas are perfect for this and the re marking the lines is a safe, cost effective and innovative surface improvement which we have done numerous times. This treatment can also be done on courts that are almost any dimension / size and can house many different types of sports on the surface. There are also different sports surfaces that can be used in the UK, other than asphalt. 3G grass, synthetic all weather non grass Astroturf and polymeric EPDM rubber are other surfacing solutions that may want to be considered.

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