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Tennis court construction is now a big thing in the UK. Ranging from full tennis court construction to tennis court refurbishment, the UK has contractors who specialise in each of the process. There are a number of contractors who specialise in the actual building of the new ball court.

Other companies specialise only in the surfacing or renovation of the tennis court surface. If the tennis court is dirty or mouldy, there are other companies who will take on the cleaning works of the MUGA. Anti slip painting and game line marking are other areas that specific outfits will target.

However, we are a specialist contractor who undertake all of the required works and to most specifications. As a turnkey contractor, we will provide design, specification and quotations for the new build projects and can provide all of the cleaning, resurfacing, anti slip coatings and game line painting on the maintenance projects. Sports Floodlighting and Sports Fence installations and repair, is another area of our expertise.

Cleaning Tennis Courts MUGA sports surfacing with pressure washing
Cleaning Tennis Courts MUGAs Pressure Wash

Falling within the sports sector, the repair or new installations of specified sports fencing and installation of sports floodlighting means that Soft Surfaces are a contractor that can be trusted. Size of the Multi Use Games Area, specification, surface type and design will all affect the cost of these works. If you would like to speak to Soft Surfaces Ltd regarding a project, or to ask about our previous case studies, please complete the quick enquiry form on this page or visit our website at where it will breakdown all the products details and prices so you are able to check against the funding / budget.

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