Tennis Court Maintenance in Cardiff, Wales

The maintenance of a macadam tennis court is extremity important when looking for usability and longevity.

A professional clean, moss & algae treatment and anti slip acrylic coating can dramatically improve the look of a sports court, whilst enhancing the playing characteristics and porosity.

Tennis Court Cleaning and Painting

The video below highlights the process of tennis court maintenance from start to finish including a thorough clean from different angles, moss & algae treatment, anti slip paint to the necessary TRRL and finished off with sports linemarkings in white.

Please see video transcript below:

00:03 Hi guys, it’s Dan from Sports & Safety Surfaces again here. And in this video we’re gonna be showing you a tennis court maintenance in Cardiff, Wales. As always, the team actually have a look at the previous surface prior to carrying out any works. And this one looks very old, very worn out. And there’s quite a lot of moss build-up on there as well.

00:21 What we then proceed to do is, we actually clean and then paint the surface. Many of our clients come to us with these type of courts and they say, “You know, we need a resurface, we need a complete rejuvenation.” And oftentimes it does just need that clean and paint to completely transform the surface and bring it back to its original state, which is what we carried out here today.

00:40 Now guys, for the completed project. As you can see, as I previously said, all they needed was that clean and paint to bring it back to its original state. And this is a complete transformation this one. This really does look like a brand new court. And with the fact that we’ve removed the moss and algae buildup from the [ash 00:00:53] that makes it much more playable and safe to play on as well whilst obviously looking brand new, too. Overall the client was extremely pleased with the work that we managed to carry out for them. As Sports & Safety Surfaces carry out a lot of work throughout Wales.

01:04 We actually rank in Google for these phrases. Cardiff tennis repair company, respray my sports court in Wales, Wales sports pitch rejuvenation, tennis court painting services, Cardiff, Wales sports facility resurfacing and even more than that. That kind of shows how much work that we carry out throughout this area. For any information regarding the prices or specifications of the work that we carry out. Our website is in the description of this video, please feel free to take a look. Thanks a lot for watching guys and I’ll see you guys later.

Tennis Court Maintenance

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