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Tennis Court Maintenance Suppliers are contractors in the sports surface sector and the maintenance of the MUGA and tennis courts sports surfaces. Multi use games areas or residential ball courts are often in need of surface maintenance like patch repairs and resurfacing and the surround like sports fencing and sports floodlighting often need maintenance and repairs.


Our team can give you a quote for completing any cleaning and repair work which may be required at your facility. Just fill in the contact box and let us know the existing conditions of the surface and what you would need us to do. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can to give you an idea of the costs.

Sport Surface Maintenance

Recess goal repairs, floodlighting repairs, surfacing patch repairs, new anti slip coatings application, surface cleaning and new sports surfaces are all services that we can deliver to potential clients. As there is no set dimension and size, these services can come in most shapes and sizes and the dimensions of the sports surfaces can all be different meaning costs can change daily, we are able to tailor a service for each individual project based on different specifications and budgets.

Tennis court maintenance should be carried out regularly to ensure that the condition of the surface is kept at the best possible standard for those who use it, and cleaning of the tennis court is required to make sure the slip resistance is safe and provides good performance quality for the players. If the tennis court surfacing is slippery then a non slip safety coating could be applied also as shown in the video below.

Tennis Court Maintenance Suppliers are specialist contractors of these services and we would be happy to discuss your project needs such as specification, construction, costing, funding, budgets and area maintenance. Please visit our website at or fill in our contact form where our helpful staff will be able to assist you and offer any information needed to help with construction and maintenance of your school outdoor playing area, residential tennis court or synthetic turf sports pitch facility.

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