Tests for All Weather Pitches Flooring

Tests for All Weather Pitches Flooring is carried out throughout the UK in schools, leisure centres, sports clubs, colleges and universities. The testing might be carried out when the surfacing is first installed to check the installation meets the playing performances and meets the accreditation which might be for FIFA, IRB, FA, RFU, RFL or FIH. The sports surface testing can be carried out to polymeric surfaces, sand filled synthetic turf, sand dressed artificial grass, 3G synthetic grass and any other synthetic turf that might be installed like 4G, 5G or 6G artificial turf pitches which are advertised to of been installed.

All tests are carried out to manufacturers and suppliers guidelines and the british standards are BSEN 14877 and BS 15330-1. The british standards generally fall under two brackets where some tests are performance related tests where others are the safety requirements tests.

With the best will in the world certain companies specialise in rejuvenations so they will advise you basically to say you need a rejuvenation where others might specialise in resurfacing the flooring so they on the other hand will say it needs a full resurface. We on the other hand carry out all the works but still would say it is best for yourself to get a total independent report test on this so they can tell you x, y and z with reasons and solutions. At soft surfaces we are able to sort the independent test reports for you so please call 01625 445760 for further details on this.

The reason an independent report is best is because otherwise you would get contractors and competitors calling each other names and you wouldn’t know who to believe, where an independent report is totally impartial. Please visit our website for further details on the types of surfacing we carry out on http://sportsandsafetysurfaces.co.uk

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