Thermoplastic Playground Line Marking Design

Any playground for children needs to be stimulating, fun and at the same time educational. If children only have a black surface of tarmac to play on, this will begin to reflect in their school work and attitude. Play surface game line marking can come in a huge variety of designs and specifications, each with their own unique characteristics to contribute towards a child’s education.


We’d be happy to supply you with more details on these products and how they can be used for playgrounds and sports pitches. There are many different designs and specifications which can be used so don’t hesitate to ask if you are unsure of the best one for you.

Playground Line Marking Specifications

Problem solving can be made fun for the kids with a colourful thermoplastic graphic design installed into any playground surface that can keep children entertained whilst on their breaks, but still keeping their mind in gear for the rest of the school day. Fitness can be maximised through high quality sports line marking for football, netball and tennis etc. as well as educational games and old classics such as Hop scotch and snakes and ladders. You could also make your play surface a little more unique and bespoke for your school with personalised logos and colour themes, all of the games markings are completely customisable, meaning you can input on both the design and specifications.

All of these different designs can come in a range of sizes and colours to suit exactly what you want for your playground or sports area. These will commonly be installed for schools and nurseries, but they can also be added to play areas in parks and other recreational spaces.

Thermoplastic Graphics

The plastic used is Thermoplastic which becomes easily moulded at a high temperature; this allows easy application to specific parts of the play area. The playground line markings through this method of application allows minimum disruption to school hours due to the short amount of time it takes to lay down, this will drastically reduce costs for you in comparison to a painted job that requires a lot of time and effort. The designs that your thermoplastic graphics can have are almost limitless, and with the already low prices, you can get a lot for your money and the price you are quoted may surprise you. This is giving your students a bright and engaging play time with the added bonus of educational games to stimulate and increase their learning.

Another of the many advantages of thermoplastic play area markings is the high durability and lasting power of the product. When in comparison to painted graphics on macadam which require repainting every few years, thermoplastic has a much longer product life showing that it is a far superior product. The product is also 100% nontoxic, making completely safe for children. There are a whole host of companies and thermoplastic line marking contractors within the UK, so please be careful when picking a company to do the installation as your product could be of a poor quality if the contractor doesn’t hold correct accreditations.

Outdoor Surface Markings

Playground line markings aren’t the only use for Thermoplastic, the material is versatile in the sense that it can be applied for any use or purpose. It’s perfect for roads and car parks due to its high durability, allowing it to withstand a lot of wear and tear. Thermoplastic is a cost effective, low maintenance product that can keep the kids safe, and also entertain them.

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