Tips Applying Polyurethane painted Surface To Tennis Court MUGAs

Polyurethane coatings or PU coatings, are often used when re painting or coating Tennis Court MUGAs or Multi Use Games Areas. Tennis Courts and synthetic Surfaces often need to be painted in an anti slip coating as this will help reduce slipping and help the system to comply with TRRL 60 & TRRL 75 for Netball.  These sports finishes / coatings are made in numerous colours such as red, green, white and blue and they can cater for multi sports such as Basketball, Football, Tennis and Netball. These sports will have game line markings installed on top of the sports surface and these will normally be 50mm in width. MUGAs can also be constructed with different sports surfaces such as Synthetic AGP and Porous Macadam.

These surfaces can be coated in anti slip paints / coatings such as Acrylic and water based finishes and all of these surfaces can be re coated when they are in need on renovation, resurfacing and recolouring. The game line markings can also be re touched up and replaced when required or specified. As all of these ball courts or multi use games areas can be built with numerous dimensions, the standard application for the coating is airless sprayer. However, rollers can be used but it will mean a longer application period for the surface. These surfaces can be constructed with different specifications and designs and this in turn will affect the budget, costing and construction costs.

Moisture Cure Polyurethane Colour Coating Anti Slip Paint Designs

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