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There are plenty of schools and public sports centres who have recently installed new athletics facilities to help improve activity and health for students and local people. Some of the most common products include full sized running tracks, long jump runways and high jump fans. These outdoor features are designed to suit the requirements of each project, and can be customised with different colours.


As specialist installers we provide a huge selection of distinct products and services regarding track and field sporting activities. We could put in long jumps, triple jump runways, athletics paths and specialist high jump fans for your organisation. It is crucial for kids to enhance their health and exercise levels; this can be achieved effortlessly with the construction of new sports facilities. Since we have experience in building a number of sporting facilities, we can easily install an athletics feature which satisfies your certain requirements. Our professional team work across the country in schools, colleges, leisure centres and sports clubs. Each one of the facilities we build is suitable for both recreational use and competitive events.

Polymeric Surfacing Athletics Tracks
EPDM Running Track in Red

Sports Track Designs

We make certain that our clients make the most out of their finances as we help to keep them within budget. A sports facility that will not be used for competitive fixtures might be changed in size to help minimise spending where necessary. One of the most commonly used surfacing kind for each of the facilities in the track and field variety would be the polymeric rubberised surface. This is made from EPDM rubber granules that have been bound together using specialist glue. This is the most suitable flooring type for these sporting activities since it offers stability plus a professional standard track. Needlepunch is an alternate synthetic turf flooring type, which is less costly than polymeric rubberised crumb. Organisations with small children – for example primary schools – are most likely to get this surfacing, simply because it offers a much softer landing.

If you have any questions about the different track and field products we offer, please get in touch with our team today through the contact form. We’ll be able to talk through costs, designs and surface types to give you a completely customised facility. Just let us know if you have any specific requirements so we can create a design around these which will fit what you need.

Compact Athletic Facilities

Constructing more compact and more cost effective sporting features is getting popular in the United Kingdom for organisations seeking to produce beginner’s level opportunities. A lot of educational institutions are unable to get athletic facilities refurbished, meaning that young children will lose out on athletics opportunities. This can be a result of a lack of spending budget or even not a sufficient amount of outdoor space for the school to install on. In many organisations, compact athletics facilities are now being created and installed in smaller sizes to meet limited budgets as well as to be more affordable. FUNdamental skills are also enhanced with the aid of these compact sports activities, because young children can better their running, throwing as well as jumping.

By setting up various athletic facilities, youngsters are able to get involved with a variety of activities for a much more diverse experience. Primary elements often are made up of things such as sprint tracks, throwing circles and even jumping run ups. On many occasions a single track may be used for multi use purposes with different activities like relay games, triple jump and also bleep tests. This is great for schools if there isn’t adequate space for a standard 400m track. One good reason why getting a multi sporting space set up is beneficial for young people is because it enables them to discover various events and find one which they like, which might direct them to even more possibilities later on. A single issue that is affecting young people’s contribution in athletics is a shortage of facilities that are aimed at beginners plus beginners level athletes. Many experts have suggested that these activities need to be made accessible to kids from as little as primary school KS1 up to secondary school. A brand new sports and athletics model has been produced by UKA, permitting small children to gain access to sports and athletics areas. This offers an affordable, versatile, entry level solution that uses eye catching layouts and colours intended to attract brand new individuals.

Recreational Running Tracks

Compact facilities may be installed to meet almost any site and any budget, and also enable important sports and athletics skills to be taught and practised, enjoyed and also developed. These generally include features like long jump runways, small sized high jump fans and also perimeter running circuits. For each and every different project the style and dimensions may be adjusted to match all requirements, making for a totally bespoke outcome. The flexibility of the style of compact facilities means that they are relevant to an array of different cases. Colleges, universities, primary along with high schools are able to install these to complement existing sports activity and play provision. Children of each key stages can benefit from self improvement while studying additional skills throughout the different sporting events. One of the reasons you have to enhance your athletics facility is to motivate kids to engage with these kinds of sporting activities. In the event a school is seeking a more cost effective basic level product, the compact facilities are perfect for reducing expenses in the event you only require a recreational area. If you’d like the young people at your organisation to develop physical education abilities, it is recommended that you get a compact facility fitted as FUNdamentals are introduced.

Compact Athletics Facilities Specialists

The target for UKA is to inspire kids and young people to participate in sporting activities and athletics, which is why these kinds of facilities are so essential. Since the IAAF and IPC World Championships are being held in London in 2017, it’s expected more and more children will start to become involved. The strategic placement of new facilities will be crucial in capturing this demand and providing feeder pathways into athletics activity in club venues.

Athletics Surfacing Maintenance

Our professional services don’t stop at designing and building; additionally we provide maintenance, cleaning and repairs services. Looking after your athletics track is important to ensure the qualities are taken care of. Not only will it make sure that facility looks great, it will mean that the surface will last for a longer period of time. Therefore you shall be spending less on repairs and resurfacing in the long-run. We recommend to each of our customers that they take athletic surfacing maintenance into consideration when deciding on their budget since it is vital in guaranteeing the facility will last. The area may become unsafe without the required servicing so it’s vital to think about these factors.

If your running track gets contaminated, the porosity could be lost therefore making the surface subject to flooding and water logging. Cleaning your track and field facility regularly will help you to prevent contaminants and maintain the permeability. Removing any kind of sticks and leaves from your surface will help stop the porous membrane layer being clogged and will make sure that there are no safety risks on the area. In the event your sports flooring does become damaged and potentially dangerous, our specialists provide a repair service which could mend any large issues. If you notice something which needs fixing, you need to act quickly as a little rip over time can cause a full scale facility resurface job being needed.

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As specialists in the construction and maintenance of different athletics surfaces like running tracks, long jump runways and also field high jump fans, we can help with any enquiries you have. All you need to do is contact us through the form on this page and we’ll come back to you as quickly as possible. Our expert team can talk you through everything you need to know about the costs and different options you’re able to choose from.

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