Turf Muncher best way to upgrade and replace artificial sports pitch

Turf Muncher machine for an uplift of old astroturf sports pitches. The synthetic turf is uplifted, the sand/rubber infill separated, the artificial grass rolled up into a carpet then the sports surfacing can be reused, recycled and reclaimed. The reclamation of the sports pitch is environmentally friendly with the turf muncher and the replacement of all-weather pitches should all be carried out by this turf muncher machine.

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What is a Turf Muncher?

Turf muncher is a machine designed for the rip up and replacement of synthetic turf sports pitches. Synthetic turf sports pitches have developed over the years from old astroturf plastic surfacing to innovative 3G sports surfaces.

Turf Muncher machine for uplift of old astroturf sports pitches

The turf machine has been used globally, especially in the US with dozens of jobs surfaces being successfully completed.

Turf Machine Services

The main environmental issue is the landfill of old astroturf surfacing and this is where the turf muncher separates itself from its competition. The turf muncher is able to uplift the synthetic turf, remove the sand and rubber infill from the artificial grass then roll up the carpet so it can be reused or recycled.

We understand that many questions can arise when looking at the installation of turf surfacing. A turf muncher is a really great machine that has been used in the industry for years.

Turf Removal Machine

The turf muncher machine has recently been acquired by a sister company who can carry this out in the following places of the UK.

Turf Munchers can be used for many different benefits including:

  • Reuse
  • Recycling
  • Reclamation
  • Replacement

For these purposes, Turf Munchers are really popular machines and are often requested by customers. It is designed especially for jobs involving synthetic turf and can do just about anything! It is the perfect tool for lifting the turf, separating infill, and rolling up the removed turf without any damages to the base which obviously allows for reuse and replacement.

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