Voted Best Personal Trainer in Leigh – Chris Coupe

Chris Coupe has been voted the best personal trainer in Leigh, Lancashire where he is based from DW Fitness Gym. His professional motivation, personal goals challenge, nutrition and exercise physiology is second to none and because of this has been rewarded with the prize.

Chris Coupe statement “It takes time, courage and a lot of effort by my clients to stick to the nutrition and exercise plan but rewards are clearly visible with 4-6 weeks graft”. Being voted the best personal has drove him onto wanting to develop further case studies like the photo below. James Z Dooley came on board with Christopher Coupe after a prolonged injury and needed the extra push in cardio and gym techniques to get back being fully fit for the football season.

Chris Coupe Personal Trainer Result
Chris Coupe Personal Trainer Results

Above shows what 6 weeks hard work can get training with the best personal trainer Chris Coupe. For further details on his rates and schedule please phone him on 07588339779 or tweet him on @CoupeChris. Recently a few other football players tried to come on board his personal training but without 100% commitment and drive you might not be able to get onto his busy schedule with clients booking in with him from all over. @ChrisHopwood11 and @richyrenda were both declined to be taken on because as good as his motivation is then hes not a magician. Lets see if you have what it takes to last the 4-6 weeks with @CoupeChris??? Comments welcome below on this blog to see if you think you have what it takes to knuckle down and last the duration of the training scheme.

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