Wet pour, in situ laid polyurethane bound EPDM rubber crumb surfacing

Wet pour, in situ laid polyurethane bound EPDM rubber crumb surface is a playground surface for children and kids beneath play area equipment which meets the CFH testing for safety surfaces. The HIC test is for the childrens safety and basically the CFH affects the depth of SBR base course material that is needed.

Wetpour Play Specification

The design, specification and details should outline the depth required for the soft surfacing and it is this depth that makes the flooring known to many as rubber tarmac, spongy floors, bouncy tarmac and soft surfaces. It is all installed insitu on site and can be laid to any shape or size.

Wetpour can be installed in children’s play areas such as parks and playgrounds in school due to the great safety enhancements it offers. The surface can vary in thickness and the thicker it is, the better critical fall height it can maintain. The wetpour is also excellent for providing different colours to an area. If a park was based in an area with different trees and scenery around it, a dark green wetpour could be installed to make certain that the surface fits in. However, this is slightly different for playgrounds due to the brighter colours being excellent for engaging children with the surface designs. For example, if a bright coloured snakes and ladder designed surface was employed, it would attract the children and therefore engage them to play the design.

EPDM Rubber Surfacing

We can install a range of different designs to perfectly suit your surface but the designs we install tend to relate to educational aspects such as numbers and letters. By choosing these games, the school is able to ensure that the surface is great for a range of different purposes. Firstly, the children will be able to socialise with friends and they will return to the classroom fully energised with a wider attention span due to the fresh air they will have received. Also, the educational aspect will allow children to learn at the same time as socialising, which means that the school will see benefits in the child’s learning outside the classroom as well as inside.

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