What is a MUGA??

Many people ring to ask what is a MUGA? What is a MUSA and the general answer is that the abbreviated letters are multi-use games area or multi-use sports area. The title pretty much explains what the area is and it is generally a ball court constructed for multi games and sports.

A MUGA or MUSA is generally surfaced in macadam, polymeric surface or astroturf surfacing. Astroturf surfacing can vary from a sand dressed, sand filled to a 3G artificial grass sports surface. It is usually surfaced between a rebound sports fence and is an ideal ball court to play football, basketball, netball and tennis.

Rebound fencing, polymeric surfacing and floodlights for a multi use games area

MUGAs and MUSAs come in a selection of sizes to fit budgets and size restraints. So very quickly the answer to what is a MUGA or what is a MUSA is answered.

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