3G Grass Installation in Whitehall, Warrington

The installation of 3G synthetic surfacing in Whitehall, Warrington has dramatically improved the playing characteristics of the pitch.

The old sand filled pitch had become dirty with compacted infill and no longer met the necessary playing standards for football.

Synthetic Grass Pitch

The video below shows the surfacing of a new 3G football facility in Warrington.

You can really see the difference a new sports surface makes in comparison to the old sand based pitch which had not been maintained.

Please see video transcript below:

00:01 Hey guys, it’s Dan from Sports & Safety Surfaces again here, and on this video, we’re going to be showing you a 3G artificial turf installation in Whitecross, Warrington. So the first thing we do with this job is actually examine the previous surface. As you can see, this was really in need of a re-turf, this surface. And it’s quite a large area and so it’s a good sized job for us guys to be doing. Next up, the delivery of the new artificial grass is actually there, so as we can see, there’s quite a lot of grass there that was delivered from our team ready to be installed onto the surface.

00:29 Now this video just show us kind of cutting the artificial grass, readying it for the installation, and actually fitting that onto the turf. Artificial grass is great for multiple sports, but also great to be used all year-round, which is why a lot of people go for it.

00:40 Next up we actually laid the line markings, so this particular surface was for football, so you can see we’re actually installing those line markings there for that sport, and here’s another close up of the actual surface there when it’s installed with the line markings applied. And now finally guys, for the completed project, so you can see from the photos, we did a really great job with this one. The client was absolutely buzzing with this, and obviously, they’re able to use it all year-round. Really, really transforms the look of the surface as well, from that kind of old tattered surface, to this brand new artificial pitch. And that gives people the ability to obviously play the sports they need to play on it all year-round and at a great, great level as well. So we’re really happy with this install.

01:13 From years of us installing and renovating sports pitches across this area of Warrington, we actually rank for many key phrases on Google, which include synthetic grass surfaces in Warrington, Whitecross fake turf installers, Warrington 4G artificial pitch company, sports surfacing construction in Whitecross, Warrington football field installation, and even more than that. So we really do have a dominance in this area in our field. For any more information regarding the prices or specifications of the sports pitches or any of the installs that we can carry out, please just check out our website in the description of this video, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks a lot for watching guys, and I’ll see you guys later.

3G Spots Pitch in Whitehall, Warrington

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