Artificial Grass Tennis Court Surfacing Maintenance

It’s important to have regular tennis court surfacing maintenance carried out to your artificial grass sports surface to prevent it from becoming damaged or losing its playability.

The 2G synthetic turf tennis courts are specially designed with a sand infill layer installed deep into the grass pile to enhance the performance and appearance of the sports court. If the artificial surfacing isn’t looked after properly, this infill can become compacted and dirty meaning that the tennis court loses its permeability and starts holding water.

We’d be happy to give you all the information you need about maintaining outdoor sports courts so don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions about this. Our team have worked on many projects throughout the UK and we’ll be able to advise you on what needs to be done to look after your facility.

Artificial Grass Tennis Court Surfacing Maintenance
Cleaning Dirty Tennis Court Surfacing

Proactive Tennis Court Surfacing Maintenance

To make sure that your sand-filled artificial grass tennis court doesn’t become contaminated and dirty, you need to keep it regularly maintained through a proactive sport surface maintenance programme.

This tennis court surfacing maintenance could include simply brushing through the synthetic grass carpet to keep the sand infill evenly spread out and to get rid of debris and dirt which might have fallen onto the court. You can also have a deep clean carried out to thoroughly clean any dirt out of the sand and then put the sand back into the grass pile.

Reactive Tennis Facility Maintenance

If your tennis court does get damaged or worn out as a result of heavy usage, weathering or lack of maintenance, it’s vital that you get the problem fixed as soon as possible. You should always be on the look out for any areas of damage in the synthetic carpet such as rips or broken seams and make sure you get these repaired quickly to prevent them getting worse.

Another reactive tennis court surfacing maintenance process which can be done is rejuvenation which targets dirty and contaminated sand infill that has started to get moss and algae growing on it. The existing sand infill layer will be extracted from the synthetic carpet and replaced with a brand new layer of silica sand. This artificial sports court rejuvenation process brings back the original safety and playing qualities of the tennis court to create a much improved user experience.

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Rejuvenated Tennis Court Grass Flooring
Rejuvenated Tennis Court Facility

As long as you look after your sports facility properly and carry out regular tennis court surfacing maintenance to the area, your artificial grass MUGA should keep its playability and safety characteristics for as long as possible. If you do not complete the appropriate tennis court cleaning and maintenance it can become damaged and contaminated leading it to get flooded and to be unsuitable for use. These problems can mean that the tennis court requires a full resurfacing project which would be a lot more expensive than the regular maintenance.

We can carry out grass tennis court maintenance to all different kinds of outdoor tennis facilities in a range of designs and area sizes. If you’ve got a tennis court which needs some attention, please use our enquiry form to send us the details and we’ll get back to you with a price quotation for the works. You can also browse through all of our other services at our website – – which explains more about how we can help you with your outdoor sports facility requirements.

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