Easifall Safe Playground Flooring Options

Safe playground flooring in parks and play areas can be installed by safety flooring contractors to ensure that playgrounds have a safe surface for children to land on while playing. Recently easifall international limited have stopped trading with Soft Surfaces Ltd buying all of their materials, plant and stock. If you require any products where easi fall surfacing is specified please do not hesitate to contact ourselves as we can offer equivalent materials, products and surfacing.

Safe Playgrounds Flooring Specifications

This type of safety flooring or surfacing is found in many parts of the UK as it provides an impact attenuating and porous system that is made from recycled materials. Soft impact macadam rubberised flooring can often be called by other names such as bouncy rubber, soft pore surfacing, wetpour and soft tarmac and is made from a base rubber (SBR) which is mixed with a PU polyurethane binder.

Playground Rubber Soft Spongy Bouncy Safety Surfacing Contractors grant
Playground Rubber Soft Spongy Bouncy Safety Surfacing Contractors grants

The top recycled rubber crumb (EPDM) is also mixed with the binder and applied to the specified and designed area. The safety surfacing is constructed to different depths and it can protect to a critical fall height of up to 3.0m, depending on the play equipment and sub base. Different suitable sub bases include MOT Type 1 Stone, Asphalt, No Fines Concrete, Bitmac and Tar Macadam. The depths are set out by rospa and easifall might have slightly different depths required for the critical fall height so this is worth checking.

The soft impact macadam safety flooring is often found in parks, pathways, playgrounds and play equipment areas and can also be mixed to various standard colours and 50 – 50% colour flecks. Please visit our website or call us on 01625 445760 and we can discuss project particulars like colours, contracts, maintenance and pricing. For help and advice on getting a funding grant for your project, please email [email protected]

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