MUGA Goal Unit Safety Requirements

When an all purpose sports court is built at a club or school, a MUGA goal unit will often be installed by the contractor to create multipurpose goal ends for sports like football and basketball. It’s important that all aspects of the sport surface installation are carried out to the highest standards to ensure safety for the users, as well as top quality performance characteristics. These combination goals will typically be incorporated into the perimeter fencing of the facility which keeps the area secure and helps to prevent a loss of equipment when the facility is in use.

MUGA Goal Unit Specification

One of the most common specifications of a combined goal unit on a MUGA court is designed for use with both basketball and football. With this type of area, coloured line markings will be applied to the surface to differentiate between each sport during recreational games and competitive matches. If the sports facility is going to have rebound fencing installed around the perimeter, the football goal will be installed as a recess in the fencing, with a basketball hoop above it. To make sure that the product and installation meet MUGA goal unit safety requirements, all contractors have to stick to BS EN 15312:2007 guidelines which apply to free access multi-sport equipment. These standards specify requirements needed to maintain a safe playing environment for sports facilities and equipment at organisations like schools, leisure centres and sports clubs.

In order for the multi use games area equipment to pass a ROSPA safety inspection the basketball hoop has to be installed to meet certain requirements. The installation must allow 60cm of ‘free space’ between the backboard of the basketball hoop and the framework fencing. This is required to prevent users from colliding with the metal fence as this could potentially cause injury especially with school children using the facility. To comply with the British Safety Standards, the contractor must install the basketball hoop so that the backboard extends out 60cm rather than lining up with the rest of the rebound fencing.

Multi Use Sport Surfaces

There are a wide range of different designs that can be used when installing multi use games areas with various line markings and MUGA goal unit specifications. Depending on the chosen sports, you can decide between a number of surface types for an all purpose sports facility. These include polymeric rubber and macadam which are ideal for basketball and netball, artificial grass which is used with football and rugby, and Multisport synthetic carpet which is for general multi-use purposes. Each of these specifications can also have various extra equipment installed to help you make the most out of the MUGA facility. This could be specialist sports floodlighting to enable use out of daylight hours, secure fencing and goal recess units, as well as maintenance tools to help you look after the surface and keep it playing to a high standard. We can design and install a bespoke multi use sports facility for your school, college, university or sports centre which is ideal for the primary sports you want to play and meets all relevant safety standards.

Please get in touch with us by filling in the enquiry form on this page if you’d like more information about MUGA goal unit safety requirements or if you’re interested in having a sports facility installed. We can offer help and advice with regards to safety and performance testing, designing the right facility and costs to build a specialist multi use sports court in a range of surface types.

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