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If you are building a sports facility, multi use games area fencing is an option that you should take into account. If you are planning on playing a variety of sports such as football, tennis and basketball on the surface then we recommend that you buy the MUGA fencing that is the strongest and most resilient due to the hard impact that can come from balls and other equipment.

This multi use games area fencing is a super rebound specification, its metal structure is thicker and more sturdy than the other options, giving it great endurance – allowing for it to easily withstand shots going at power. However if you’re using the surface for only tennis or netball, you will not need the strongest type of fence.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about the different products we can install for multi use games areas. One of our experts would be happy to advise you if you fill in the contact box on this page. Give us some details on your project such as area size, location and budget so we can provide some further information and a quote.


MUGA Facility Fencing Costs

The main factor for MUGA facility fencing costs is the different style of fence that you desire and the height and dimensions you wish it to be. The taller the fence system around a bigger surface area will cost more than a shorter one around a smaller area. We offer products in a selection of heights, the most popular being 3 metres tall. 

But we also offer 4 metres high and 5 metres high rebound gates. 5 metre high multi use games area fences are popular for areas that may be susceptible to vandalism as it offers a lot of security. This could, in the long term save money from not having to repaint surfaces or even repair them. The different styles will also have an impact on the costs, for example the super rebound MUGA fencing systems will cost more than a chain link specification as it is a more durable and impact absorbing option.

We’ll be able to offer products and quotes based on your budget so that the project will be as affordable as possible for you. Be sure to let us know beforehand how much you are looking to spend so we can ensure that our costs are in keeping with this.


Outdoor Court Fences

The video below shows the construction of a polymeric sports court that we recently completed. The project included full groundworks, laying the surface, applying paint and line markings, as well as the installation of weld mesh fences to create a secure outdoor sports facility.

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We aim to give you an excellent quality service through the whole MUGA construction process, from the surfacing installation to the extra options like MUGA fencing and floodlighting. Our prices can be tailored to suit your individual budget while still giving you a great quality end result which is safe for players and can be enjoyed for a long time.

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