MUGA Rejuvenation Maintenance in Lancashire

Having a proper cleaning and upkeep schedule set up for your artificial grass sports pitch is essential if you want to keep it performing well and make sure it’s safe for players to use. One of our recent projects was a MUGA rejuvenation maintenance in Lancashire to a contaminated sand filled surface.

Contaminated MUGA Surfacing

The existing school MUGA flooring had become dirty over time through litter, mud, leaves and other organic matter falling onto the pitch and getting stuck into the artificial carpet fibres. This caused problems of the sports surface holding water during wet weather as the pores within the carpet were blocked up and water couldn’t drain away through it. In order to fix this problem, we had to carry out a rejuvenation of the infill in the carpet pile. This specially designed silica sand infill is commonly used in artificial sports pitches to help keep the turf pile upright and enhance the playing qualities on the facility.


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Sand Filled Sports Pitch Contamination
Dirty Synthetic Pitch Surface

Sports Pitch Rejuvenation

The process of MUGA rejuvenation maintenance that we carried out for this school sports pitch began with some specialist tests to determine if the surface was in fact contaminated. Testing of a sand filled carpet involves scraping some dirty sand out of the carpet pile from different locations around the surface. The samples are then put into separate test tubes and mixed with a solution of water, dispersal agent, bicarbonate of soda and washing up liquid. This mixture makes the infill particles sink down to the bottom and the dirt and contaminants float up to the surface. If the percentage of contamination within the solution is above a certain level then the sports pitch will be classed as contaminated and a process of rejuvenation will be needed to rectify it.

For this particular Lancashire sports facility, the infill layer was found to be contaminated so we had to carry out the MUGA rejuvenation work to restore the performance qualities. To rejuvenate a sand filled synthetic pitch, the process begins with first extracting the existing dirty silica sand infill particles from within the grass pile. Once the old particles had been removed from the turf carpet, a new clean layer was put in and evenly distributed using specialist equipment. As the sand is installed within the artificial grass carpet using a ‘dumper’, a drag brush follows behind to brush it into the carpet and ensure that it’s spread evenly throughout the playing surface.

MUGA Rejuvenation Maintenance Specialists
Rejuvenating MUGA Surfacing

Improved Performance Qualities

When the thorough cleaning work had been completed, the school were left with a sports facility that had almost brand new performance characteristics. The all weather qualities were restored and the facility can now be used all year round even during wet weather. The appearance of the synthetic pitch has been improved and water can now soak through the carpet easily without building up on the surface and causing flooding in wet weather. This means that the facility can be used for PE lessons and after school clubs without having to cancel due to a flooded and dirty pitch.

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