Options for Holding Water on Artificial Pitch Due to Poor Drainage

Options for holding water on artificial pitch due to poor drainage is generally because there is a build up of algal squidge which contaminates the infill of the synthetic sports grass carpet and makes the surfacing non porous and without any porosity the MUGA, ATP, STP or astroturf pitch loses its all weather capabilities.

Losing the porosity causes the rainwater to stand ontop of the carpet and therefore starts to flood and become waterlogged. Once this happens then postponements of games occurs causing loss of rentals and therefore is a serious issue because loses the sports facility money and more importantly becomes a hazard to the children, kids and players as the surface becomes very slippy.

The options to this is a sports surface rejuvenation which basically extracts the infill and this is disposed of with new silica sand imported to site and installed into the synthetic grass. Once this new silica sand is installed then it becomes porous again and the all weather pitch is like a new surface to play on as the playing characteristics are brought back to what they should be set out by FIH, FIFA, FA or sports governing bodies.

Rejuvenation, Restoration Sand Dressed Astroturf Surface
Rejuvenation, Restoration Sand Dressed Astroturf Surfaces

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Rejuvenation, Restoration Sand Dressed Astro Turf Surface
Rejuvenation, Restoration Sand Dressed Astro Turf Surfacing

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