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Getting involved in a range of different sports is a great way for kids to have fun and to live healthy lifestyles, but many schools and local leisure centres simply don’t have the space or budget available to build a number of different sports surfaces. This is why an all purpose sports facility can be a fantastic investment for these organisations as it enables them to use one area for a variety of sports and activities.


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All Purpose Sports Facility Specifications

Multi use games areas can be installed in a number of different specifications in terms of surface types and dimensions. We can alter the area size to fit within the space each school or club has available, as well as to cut costs and meet individual budget requirements. The surface types that are most commonly used for an all purpose sports facility include:

Macadam Court Surface

Macadam surfacing is a popular choice for many sports courts as it’s extremely durable and long lasting, even with heavy use for a lot of sports. There are two different specifications available with macadam sport surfaces:

Type 1 MUGA – This is used for general multi sports including tennis and basketball as it’s slip resistance rating of TRRL 60 is ideal for these activities.

Type 2 MUGA – More focused towards netball as it has a higher slip resistance rating of TRRL 75 to provide more grip.

Macadam Type 1 MUGA sports surfaces
Macadam Type 1 MUGA sports surfacing

Polymeric Rubber Flooring

Polymeric sports surfaces are made up of rubber crumb particles which are mixed together with a binder and laid out onto a macadam base. This polymeric rubber surface type also comes in two different specifications, each one better suited towards different activities:

Type 3 MUGA – This is typically used for netball as the TRRL 75 slip resistance rating provides ideal playing characteristics.

Type 4 MUGA – The primary sports played on this surface type are tennis and basketball as the TRRL 55 slip resistance lends itself to these activities.

Polymeric Outdoor Netball Court surfaces to type 3 MUGA
MUGA Sports Court Surfaces

Macadam and polymeric sports court surfacing can be maintained with regular sweeping and pressure washing, as well as chemical treatments to prevent the growth of moss and algae. These maintenance methods help the surfaces to keep their porous properties so that water drains through and the facility doesn’t become flooded.

Artificial Grass Surfacing

Synthetic turf all purpose sports facility surfaces can be supplied and installed to meet a number of different specifications and designs, all of which meet the requirements for FIFA guidelines. These specifications include:

2G Synthetic Turf – This consists of an artificial grass carpet which has a layer of silica sand installed at the base of the grass fibres to keep them stable and upright. These sand filled surfaces are most commonly used for football and hockey and can be installed in different pile heights to suit each sport.

Needlepunch Artificial Surfacing – Another sand filled synthetic grass type, however needlepunch is made up of curly grass fibres which are woven together to create a durable surface. Needlepunch synthetic turf can be installed in a range of bright colours and is used for general multi sport facilities as well as athletics tracks.

3G Artificial Grass – This is the most advanced synthetic turf sports surfacing specification available in the UK. 3G artificial grass has a layer of rubber crumb particles installed within the base of the synthetic fibres. This rubber infill helps the all purpose sports facility to remain stable and also provides natural playing characteristics for both football and rugby.

3G Synthetic Grass Maintenance Costs
3G Sports Pitch Facility

Maintenance for artificial grass sports facilities can consist of drag brushing, grooming, moss and algae treatments and infill rejuvenation. Keeping your synthetic turf sports pitch properly looked after will keep it safe for the players who use it and prevent the surface from becoming flooded or damaged.

Additional Installations

With each all purpose sports facility construction project, there is the option to include extra equipment to help you make the most out of the area once the surfacing has been installed. We can supply a range of extra including sports fencing in a range of heights and specifications, floodlighting, ball stop netting and maintenance equipment to help you look after the facility. These additional features can help you to keep your new multi use games area secure and can also enable you to generate extra income through renting the facility out during non daylight hours.

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