Rebound Weld Mesh Ballstop Fence

Rebound Weld Mesh Ballstop Fence is a fencing system installed to the majority of MUGAs, tennis courts, sports pitches and multi use games areas within the UK.

It is a multi mesh twin bar panel system that consists of 200mm x 50mm welded mesh to the top part and a rebound section of usually 1.2m to the bottom section because the bottom half of the fence needs to be able to take a lot of force from the footballs as it gets a lot of high power shots hit onto the bottom section.

The multi use games areas ball courts are usually not line marked to the perimeter so the fence can act as a player with the fact that the player can use the fence to their advantage playing a 1-2 off the ball stop rebound fence so the football game is always in play with no throw-ins.

Twin bar rebound weldmesh ball stop MUGA Fencing cost
Twin bar rebound weldmesh ball stop MUGA Fencing prices

Within the MUGA fenceline usually is a single leaf gate and a double leaf gate which is also supplied in a rebound weld mesh ballstop panel system for entrance to the areas and the standard size is usually 3m high sports fences, 4m high sports fence or 5m high sports fencing dependent on access, security to the playing area. Overhead netting can also be installed to this fence to prevent the ball leaving the MUGA.

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