Residential Tennis Court Refurbishment in Hereford

So, Wimbledon has been and gone and the tarpaulins have been pulled over the courts for the final time for another year. Hopes of a Scottish, sorry, British, champion have been dashed for another twelve months, and strawberries are suddenly on two-for-the-price-of-one in the SW19 postcode. What on earth can you do to fill the void until next year’s tournament?


You could always drag yourself into your back garden with your trusty racket and play on your own court, couldn’t you? Oh, but that court has pretty much had its day. There’s more green algae on it than a Louisiana swamp and the lines are so faded you can’t tell if your shot is ‘in’ or not. The surface is full of little pot holes and the net has more rips in it than a pair of designer jeans. If only you could revamp it, it would be such a nice place to spend some time with the family…

Restoring a Tennis Court Facility

You might think that maintenance or a full tennis court refurbishment would be difficult, time-consuming and expensive. Obviously, a tennis court is a big investment of time, space and money, so it makes sense to keep on top of it. Regular maintenance such as cleaning, removal of mosses and algae, resurfacing, painting and repairing the damage can keep the surfacing in great condition for years, but if yours has seen better days and you’re thinking of putting a sun deck over it instead, here are two reasons you should hold off;

1) This is England. Birmingham averages 1,364 hours of sunshine a year. Reykjavík in Iceland averages just 96 hours less at 1,268. Basically, you’ll be wasting your money.

2) The old court can be easily salvaged and made to look brand new again.

A perfect example of how easily and quickly it can be turned around is our recent residential tennis court refurbishment in Hereford. The client had a facility that was fairly dilapidated. Truth be told, it was barely recognisable as a tennis court. The once-black surface had been almost entirely consumed by mould and fungus making it look like it had actually been painted green to begin with. The surface itself was waterlogged and in a state of disrepair with pot holes and dents making it both unsightly and hazardous to use. Combined with the very real possibility of slipping on the algae and also breathing in toxins from them, it’s small wonder that the court had been left to nature to take back.

You can see a video which shows the work from start to finish below:

Carry on reading to see how this work was achieved and what we did to transform the surface and give it a new lease of life. The process involved many different components which our experts carried out on site.

Cleaning the Court Surface

However, nature wasn’t to have her own way. Our team arrived in Hereford and set about reviving the surface from the bottom up. Firstly, they performed a deep clean to get rid of dirt, litter, leaves and moss with the use of a high-powered pressure washer. This tennis court cleaning procedure was done in two different directions to ensure that results were optimised and that nothing was missed. The residential tennis court was blasted with a specially designed cleaning solution which lifts up debris and pulls it away from the floor. Think of those T.V adverts where they show you how a face scrub can remove blackheads. Urgh, no, don’t actually, but you get the idea…

The surface was then treated with a chemical solution to help prevent future contaminations before the painting process began.

Applying a New Anti Slip Paint Coating

The newly-cleaned surfacing was then applied with a specialised coating of anti-slip tennis paint. Our client chose traditional colours of red for the inner court, green for the outer area and brilliant white lines for the markings, but there are a multitude of other combinations available. The paint itself meets the requirements set by the LTA governing body and is a combination of sand, aluminium oxide and porous acrylic paint which actively helps with the court’s maintenance. The paint is actually porous and SUDS compliant, which means that water can drain through it effectively, thus reducing flooding and waterlogging. Clever, eh?

As well as looking after its own interests, the paint does have another ace up its sleeve – the sand component helps to give the players more grip and reduces the slipperiness of the surface. This reduces the risk of injury and gives you the best possible chance to return that serve without breaking your neck.

The Finished Tennis Court Surface

I know what you’re thinking; you’re thinking this sounds like a mammoth task. If you decide to do this then there’s going to be a team of people in hi-vis vests camped out at the bottom of your garden for the next six months. Well, you’d be wrong. Our client from Hereford went away on holiday and the job was completed by the time he returned. Not only that, but we provided him with regular texts, emails and photographs to keep him up to date, so he could enjoy his holiday safe in the knowledge that his property was being treated with the respect that it deserved. Upon his return, he was delighted with the results, even going so far as to say that if he hadn’t known any better, he would have sworn that no-one had been working on site. He was pleased with our professionalism and, of course, with the overall result.

You can see in the photos below how much of a difference the cleaning and painting work made. This facility not only looks much nicer, but it will also provide better performance qualities and anti slip

If you would like to read a full reference from this client please click here to see what he said about the full process and the finished result.

The before, during and after pictures for this project really do speak for themselves. If you’ve ever seen one of those demonstrations where someone dips a dirty penny into a glass of cola and it comes out looking like it’s just been newly pressed by the Royal Mint, you’ll get the idea. The end result is bright, colourful, inviting and safe. It’s hard to believe that the dilapidated court had ever existed, and if the sight of the newly-refurbished court doesn’t make you want to dust off your white shorts and polo shirt and make a large jug of Pimm’s then nothing will.

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And, of course, it’s not just residential courts that this applies to. This residential tennis court refurbishment in Hereford is just one of many projects that our team have completed throughout the UK. Communal courts, facilities at schools, colleges, universities, public parks and gyms could all benefit from this treatment. Not only does it make the space look and feel more inviting, but from a commercial point of view, it could have the knock-on effect of increasing your revenue as word gets around about your top-notch facilities. And it’s so easy and quick to do, too.

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