Roll Form Welded Mesh Spectator Rail Fencing

MUGA fencing is now available in many formats and spectator Multi Use Games Area fencing is a vital part of any ball court. Spectator Rail Fences come in 2 options, either Roll Form Welded Mesh or Post and Rail spectator rail perimeter fence.

Spectator Rail Ball Stop MUGA Sports Fence
Spectator Rail Ball Stop MUGA Sports Fencing

Soft Surfaces can provides quotations, specifications and installations for this perimeter fence. Welded Mesh normally comes in a 1.2m / 1.0m high spectator fencing to the MUGA perimeter, consisting of 900mm high, 50x50x3.55 / 3.0mm galvanised and plastic coated green Roll Form Welded Mesh, secured to galvanised high tension line wires with stainless steel clips and complete with top rail. This is fixed to concrete posts in the ground at 3.0m centres.

Multi Use Games Areas and Ball Courts with Spectator Roll Form Welded Mesh fencing is now very popular as the fencing provides a ball stop for the sports surface and area. Double and Single leaf gates can be installed to provide easy access to the MUGA and can also be added if you plan to upgrade or renovate the Multi Use Games Area at a later date. Post and Rail Spectator fencing is the cheaper option of the 2 types of spectator fencing. It does not have the mesh fencing ( infill ) and comes in 2 sizes of 1.2m or 1.0m. This fencing is designed to around the perimeter of the MUGA and will normally have a pair of 3.0m wide x 12. / 1.0m high double gates to allow access to the ball court.

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