Slippery Tennis Court Surface Cleaning Washing Maintenance

Slippery Tennis Court Surface Cleaning Washing Maintenance is carried out annually and is crucial in making sure firstly the sport surfacing is safe to play on and secondly to prevent further moss and algae growth which might eliminate the playing characteristics needed to meet the tennis court testing.

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Tennis Court Maintenance and Cleaning

The tennis court cleaning is dependent on its surroundings and obviously if the tennis courts are covered by trees nearby then the area might even needed to be cleaned twice a year. This will vary on the amount of debris and litter in the area because safety is paramount to the players, children and kids on the sports courts. If there is any moss, litter or contaminants on the court this can make the surface slippery and dangerous for players.

Regular tennis court maintenance, in the long run, will make the surfacing have a longer lifespan so pays for itself and general weed killing and court cleaning is a vital part of the maintenance needed to be carried out. If kept clean then the colour coating and line marking should not need to be carried out as often but if left with no regular maintenance then the painting, binding and resurfacing of the tennis courts could be much sooner.

The washing and cleaning of the tennis courts in the UK only take approx 1-2 days to carry out for a single court and once completed can be played on straight away so is very little disruption for fixtures and games. For further details on prices, costs and quotes of this maintenance visit then please use the contact form on this page to get in touch with us!

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