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Throughout the summer, it’s common for people to have maintenance such as pressure washing and recolouring done for their tennis court. Hard sport surfaces such as macadam and polymeric EPDM rubber are popular for tennis courts as they give good ball bounce properties and playing characteristics.


If these tennis court surfaces aren’t cleaned and properly maintained, they can become unsafe and worn out over time. This means that reactive maintenance and repairs are needed to restore the performance qualities and get the court back on top form. Contact us if you need advice on maintaining a sports surface and we’ll get back to you with all the information as soon as possible.

Damaged Tennis Court Surface

As specialist sports facility contractors, we deal with a lot of tennis court repair and renovation projects. A client in Leeds recently asked us to complete pressure washing and recolouring process for their macadam sports surface. The tennis court had suffered from a lack of proper care which meant that dirt had been left to contaminate the surface. Moss and algae were covering the court and blocking up the pores which led to flooding of the macadam as water could not drain away. The existing anti slip paint coating had also worn away so the court was slippery and unsafe for use.

Pressure Washing and Recolouring Tennis Surface
Jet Washing Tennis Court

Pressure Washing and Recolouring

To begin this process we first had to clean the entire surface of the macadam tennis court with a specialist solution and a pressure washer. This was done to remove the debris and contaminants which were stuck to the court due to a lack of regular cleaning over time. The tennis surface cleaning solution was applied to the dirty court with a jet wash which is angled to make sure all sides of the macadam stones were thoroughly cleaned.

As expert contractors specialising in outdoor sports courts, our installers complete this tennis court cleaning work to the highest standards to ensure an even finish. With every sports surface repainting project we carry out, we always complete a thorough cleaning process before applying the paint. This is very important because if the surface isn’t completely clean, the new paint coating will not stick to the macadam correctly. It will instead stick to any dirt or debris on the surface, and then over time when the dirt is cleaned away, the paint will peel off as well. This will leave the court looking patchy and unattractive, so it’s vital to clean the area first.

Once the pressure washing had been done, our team could then move on to recolouring the tennis court with a new anti slip paint coating. For macadam sports surfaces, acrylic paint is used to give improved playing qualities and to enhance the safety on the court. The paint is mixed with an aggregate of sand and aluminium oxide which give players added grip and extra comfort during training and competitive matches. This particular client in Leeds decided to have their tennis court repainted in a two tone green and purple design. The central playing area was painted in purple and the outer runoff was painted in green. Specialist line markings were then applied by our installers in white to give clear lines for accurate scoring.

When the pressure washing and recolouring process was complete, the final result for this project was a bright coloured tennis court with greatly improved performance qualities. The fresh anti slip paint provides players with a more comfortable experience when playing in matches and for recreational use. With regular proactive maintenance such as sweeping away dirt and jet washing, the renewed performance qualities will remain for a much longer period of time.

Leeds Tennis Court Repainting Experts
Repainted Tennis Court

We are professional contractors with experience in working at a range of public organisations and private sports facilities. We work with schools, clubs and individuals throughout the UK to provide high quality sports surface products and services. The work we carry out includes full construction of tennis courts, multi use games areas, synthetic pitches and athletics tracks, as well as maintenance for each of these products. You can visit our website at to see more details of the work we carry out.

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