Maintaining Tennis Courts – Cleaning and Repainting

Maintaining Tennis Courts – Cleaning and Repainting was carried out last year to an outdoor sports surface in Manchester which had fallen into disrepair and was in need of a makeover. Due to a lack of proper care over an extended period of time, the macadam surfacing had become contaminated with moss and algae which made the court slippery and unsuitable for use. Maintaining Tennis Courts – Cleaning and Repainting should be carried out regularly to prolong the lifespan of the all-weather surfaces.


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Tennis Court Maintenance to Contaminated Surface
Jet Washing Tennis Court Maintenance

Tennis Surface Contamination

The moss and algae contamination can be caused by dirt, litter, leaves and other organic matter falling onto the surface of the tennis court and not being cleared away by brushing and regular Maintaining Tennis Courts – Cleaning and Repainting should be completed. These contaminants then get stuck within the porous layers of the sport surface and prevent water from being able to drain away efficiently. The water will then start to sit on the surface of the court which provides the ideal conditions for the growth of algae and moss. Without the appropriate proactive tennis court maintenance such as sweeping and washing of the surface, these problems can occur and make the facility unsafe and unattractive. It’s important to carry out these types of cleaning and maintenance for any type of outdoor sports facility to ensure that it performs to its full potential and is completely safe for use by everyone.

Reactive Tennis Court Maintenance

For this particular project we needed to carry out reactive tennis court maintenance, this is done to rectify damage and get rid of contamination when a problem has already occurred to the sports surface. Part of the work we do involves thoroughly cleaning the tennis surface to makes the area seamless and free from any dirt or contaminations. To remove the moss and algae which had built up on the tennis court, we used a water jet washer to blast away the dirt that was stuck to the macadam surfacing, this revealed the original tennis surface underneath. Once the dirt and contaminants had been completely cleared away from the sports surface, the next stage of the tennis court maintenance process was to apply a fresh new layer of anti slip paint. This specialised acrylic sports court paint is commonly applied to tennis courts and multi use games areas to provide skid resistance as well as a brightly coloured appearance. This particular client chose to have the main court sprayed in blue anti slip paint with green on the surrounding runoff area, as well as white painted tennis line markings.

Tennis Court Colour Coating Application
Fresh Tennis Court Colour Coating

After the full tennis court cleaning and repainting process was complete, the final result was a top quality sports court surface with greatly improved performance qualities and a bright and colourful new look. We have installed many different tennis court surfaces for organisations across the country such as schools, colleges, clubs and residential sports facilities as well as maintenance and cleaning services for all of these courts. Visit our website at to find out more about all of our tennis court products and the services we can provide. Please get in touch with us if you’re in need of any further advice in regards to tennis court maintenance or if you’d like to send us an enquiry for some sports facility installation. You can fill in our contact form with the details of your project including a post code and area size so we can get back to you with some further information and a price quotation for the work.

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