Twin Bar Super Rebound Panel Muga Ballcourt Fencing

Twin Bar Super Rebound Panel Muga Ballcourt Fencing system is often called “the ultimate in sports fencing”. This Twin bar or Twin Wire Super Rebound sports fence is installed around the Ball court or Multi Use Games Area perimeter and is often the specified choice of architects, contractors and end users, giving the customer unrivalled structural strength and rigidity, due to the fences no cross rail construction.

The price of the fence is dependent on the size, design and height of the MUGA and is a fantastic option if you are playing football, netball, tennis and any other high intensity sport. A typical specification for this type of fence is a 3.0m high fence consisting of a 3.0m high and 2.50m wide Super Rebound Twin Bar Panel in a single lift on RHS posts using clamp bars on anti tamper fasteners. Twin Bar Panels are 3030mm high and 6mm vertical wires sandwiched by twin 8mm horizontals to form a 66x50mm mesh to the lower 1.20m of the panel and a 200 x 50mm mesh to the top 1.8m.

The Twin bar Super Rebound Fencing Panel can be upgraded to fit any goal recess and if required, double and single leaf gates. Twin Bar Super rebound Fencing can be suited for any ball game to be played on your ball court or Multi use Games Area as it provides the perfect ball stop whatever the sport.

Super Rebound 868 weldmesh MUGA sporting fence designs

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