Baffle Bund Banks for AWP, STP, MUGAs Sports Pitches

All weather sports pitch construction usually has many things to consider during planning with the possible issues of lighting or noise pollution and excess excavated spoil going to landfill. So all these measures need to be passed by the environment with lighting sports floodlights designs and prevention where possible for noise reduction. You may want to consider baffle bund banks for sports pitches as these are mounds of soil and earth that can be installed around the perimeter of your facility. Many schools have these to create a raised area where pupils can sit and watch a match and have a better view. They are also used to help reduce noise pollution as they absorb some of the sound which may come from the pitch when it is in use.


Please get in touch with our team if you are interested in having something like this added to your sports field. This can be done as part of a full football pitch construction project or applied to an existing facility to enhance the features. Costs will vary depending on the nature of the work that needs to be done, but we would be happy to provide you with a quote.

Sport Surface Planning

For planning applications all these measures need to be taken into consideration and the sports pitch baffle banks, also known as amphitheatre viewing mounds or noise barriers, are a perfect choice to help aid any issues. If the facility is near residential areas or other public places, then the small hills may be placed to reduce the noise levels coming from the pitch during a match. The baffle mounds are often designed beside motorways to act in several ways – to create a visual prevention bank in some cases, noise reduction barrier and several other reasons.

Baffle Banks Bunds

It is made from excavated top soil or sub soil which has been stripped off the sports pitch on the synthetic turf pitch construction. Therefore it is great to the environment also because no spoil goes into landfill and full use is being made of the materials. This is why many clients choose to have this when they are having a completely new sport surface built. If you are having an artificial turf surface installed such as 3G synthetic carpet, some groundworks will be carried out beforehand. The existing area will need to be excavated down to a certain depth which leaves a lot of soil and ground material that would have to be disposed of otherwise. Putting these mounds around the edges of the facility help to reduce this waste and add a functional extra feature.

You can also help to cut costs by using this additional material as you are avoiding the expense of having it removed from site. Although there is still a price for creating the baffle banks, it is more cost effective as you are getting something out of it which serves a purpose and can be used. It may even allow you to generate some extra revenue as the area could be rented out for evening matches by other clubs and teams. The mounds offer somewhere for people to stand and watch, as well as reducing the amount of noise which may affect nearby houses.

Football Pitch Viewing Hills

The baffle bund banks are perfect for fans to watch onto the pitch as a spectator area, help reduce the noise pollution acting as a noise barrier and prevent the need for any landfill off site. If you want to create a facility where spectators can sit or stand and watch, these football pitch viewing hills are a great idea. Some organisations may not have the budget to install seating, so this creates a good compromise which also helps to reduce waste materials.

We can do this for schools, clubs leisure centres and at many other locations across the UK. It can be done alongside other things such as specialist sport floodlighting and fencing to enhance the overall usability. Costs will vary as things such as area size, current site conditions and location will all affect what needs to be done. If you give us as much information as possible on what you would like and the budget you have to spend, we’ll give you a quote which suits you.

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For further details on the types of construction, specifications, costs and designs please contact us through the enquiry form on this page. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can with all the information on baffle bund banks for sports pitches along with an idea of costs. Different designs can be provided to suit the size and shape you would like, and to fit the existing area perfectly.

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