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If you are looking for a specialist company to carry out artificial football pitch construction, we offer these services. Our team have installed many synthetic sports surfaces including 2G and 3G turf for these facilities. The building work varies for every project but we always aim to create the perfect product, whether it’s for a school, club, leisure centre or other facility.

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Installing Football Turf

The next part of the artificial football pitch construction also helps reduce the risk of players injuring themselves, the shock pad that is installed in between the sub base and the turf carpet. Not only does this have shock absorbing properties, it helps reduce the risk of the carpet slipping and it also extends the products life span.

Now that the foundations have been laid, the next process is the installation of your desired synthetic turf carpet on top of the existing ground works. The carpet is laid out and then stuck together to create the sport surface. The turf is then filled with either sand or rubber to help maintain its pile height, which is to make sure that the grass fibres keep their shape. It’s important to make sure that synthetic football pitch construction is done properly and by an experienced contractor as potential mistakes could prove to be very costly.

Costs of Building Synthetic Soccer Courts

The costs of building synthetic soccer courts depend obviously on the sizes and dimensions of the playing field however there are lots of other factors that need to be taken into account. The different surfaces used for each pitch will vary in price, however price should not be a factor when choosing a sport surface as each carpet is specifically suitable for one sport or another.

The costs of building a synthetic soccer court can be managed through a whole host of variables, meaning that you have a lot of control over your budget for the project and can reduce the costs for the project where needed. There a variety of specifications that can be changed, such as the floodlighting or the particular type of fencing you want around the perimeter of your artificial soccer court. This way you can make sure that your sports pitch is the best that money can buy, or the highest quality synthetic soccer court at the most reasonable price. Take a look at this page which shows more information on the specification used for synthetic football pitch surfaces –


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There are many factors that cannot be controlled, such as the location of the site that the works is being carried out on, the amount of days the contracting team will be working for and the access the workers have to the area of actual construction. Costs of building synthetic soccer courts can vary dramatically depending on the clients design specifications which means that the entire project can be more accessible for everyone.

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